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Last Update January 18, 2009

Cavco offers extensive repair services including preventive and predictive maintenance, diagnostics, evaluations and metrology. We also do complete geometric alignments,


CNC repairs, rebuilding, portable machining and modular retrofitting of machine tools on-site. Our technicians are extensively trained to do repairs on-site and are equipped with portable machinery and fully outfitted, travel ready tool boxes aimed at the specific repairs at hand, i.e. scraping and alignment repairs, hydraulic hose repair and replacement, etc. When a quick response is essential for repairs, this prepared state allows a repair tech to be on his way to your site, in the shortest possible time. When production machinery is in need of repair, it takes the highest priority, so we build time into our regular schedule to accommodate such emergencies. REPAIR and

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Our professional technicians do on-site repairs through out the U.S., Caribbean, and the middle east. Whether your project is planned or an emergency repair we will do whatever it takes to get you up and running.