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Deutz Motor Screensaver


The Deutz Motor Screen saver is an animation of a 3D engine being assembled and then a transparent version running . Deutz manufactures diesel engines in Germany. It is difficult to locate on the web for download so we decided to offer it here from our server. As of July 20 2007 there were over 20,000 downloads. Download size is about 43 meg but worth it.

Compliments of Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding

Download instructions for Windows

  1. Download and save either the Winzip or Winrar version of the file
  2. Extract the files into your C:/Windows/system32 folder for XP, and C/Windows/system for Win98. Win2000 not tested yet.
  3. Now you can install it from your control panel - display window like any other screen saver.
  4. Email or call if you have problems. Ask for Jim
  5. If anyone has installed it using Vista please email me with the procedure.
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Screen saver Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Deutz Project Office Inc. All Rights Reserved.